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At Pegler Removals, we’ve been in the removals game for over 60 years. During that time, we’ve learnt a lot, and have delivered a wide variety of successful moving projects of all different shapes and sizes, and to all destinations in far corners of the world. We know and understand how stressful moving can be, as you try to tie up all the loose ends and make sure you’ve thought of and accounted for everything. That’s why we’ve put together our Moving House Checklist, just to help make moving a little bit easier.

Moving home made easy with our Moving Home Checklist

We’re the removals subject matter experts, and are here to pass on this specialist, expert knowledge straight to you. Read on below for our Moving House Checklist and let us help make your moving day a success.

Take this opportunity to identify which items you wish to keep. Those that you do not want can be sold, donated or otherwise disposed of.

Arrange for all your bills to be closed on the date of moving and the remaining balance paid.

Arrange for the redirection of mail and advise banks, building societies, etc. of your change of address.

Clearly label boxes for their intended room after removal, e.g. kitchen, living room, etc.

Defrost and clean fridge and freezer units prior to travel, whether you intend to keep them or not.

Ensure gas and electricity is available within your new property.

Gather together all important documents, such as house deeds and ID.

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“Peglers were a very efficient, friendly company. They made a day stressfree and help us to settle in our new home. Would definitely recommend them to family and friends.”

“The packer Nick and the removal team Kevin, Dave and Jamie were friendly, efficient, calm and courteous. Particularly appreciated them getting the difficult yellow sofa out of the house! Cheers!”

“A completely stressfree professional move carried out by a great group of guys. I would recommend to everyone thinking of moving to call Peglers.”

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